Mysticon 2016

Had a great time at Mysticon this weekend. I will admit a little worry heading off to the con this time. The hotel has had significant parking issues and has seemed very crowded in the last few years. This year, with George R.R. Martin as the guest of honor, I was concerned what might happen with lines and parking and other such logistics.

Give the con staff their due. They staffed very well, had excellent management of their event, and handled lines as cleanly as it is ever possible to. Great work! The obvious amount of work the staff put into preparation for this weekend is appreciated.

Friday, we got in later than we intended so we decided to have a low-key night, just play some card games we brought along and get an early night to have a great Saturday. We learned that our initial forays into Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion had soured us on the game but that we clearly must have been doing something wrong, as this time it not only went much smoother but we enjoyed it. Of course, Jenny beat me – like a lot.

Saturday was great fun. I got in a game of X-Wing. I don’t normally play X-Wing, preferring D&D Attack Wing but I got to talking with the guy running the demos and jumped in for a game. Ran into some people we met last year, talked for a while about another new con in Virginia that seems like it will be fun, and joined a group playing Fantasy Age (a great game) for some roleplaying. The GM was fun and did a great job managing his time-slot. We also got in several games of Splendor. A very fun, very simple game to learn with shades of some other games I love. Will be playing that one a lot more. Capped Saturday night off with three musical guests (Ships in the Night, Valentine Wolfe, and Bella Morte).

I want to point out something of a personal pet peeve and give solid credit. I have a love/hate relationship with auctions at Cons. I love the whole white elephant/charity/art auction vibe and the often amazing stuff that shows up in these events. At the same time, the auctions are often slow-paced, have too many asides, and drag. I’ll say this. The person running Mysticon’s auction this year was great. She kept the pace up, kept moving through items, had the runners and the recorders well organized and gave the auctioneers/MCs enough room to have some fun but still keeping the event moving. Great work and very appreciated by this con-goer.

Sunday was another slow day for us as we wanted to get back home at a reasonable time. We didn’t win any of the art we bid on (probably for the best…) and we managed to control ourselves in the Dealers’ Room so… that’s a win.

Overall, another enjoyable event and a good weekend. If I wasn’t so tired at work yesterday, I’d worry that I didn’t have enough fun.


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