Danger in Kalkrest!

A D&D Attack Wing League

Welcome to the home base for Danger in Kalkrest – a D&D Attack Wing League.

Once, long ago, Kalkrest was an island of Dreams. Spirits held sway here, of earth, of air, of sea and sky. Tanna’s power was a benevolent hand over this land; protecting it from Nekar. But with the coming of humanity, her power was corrupted. The humans burned back the woods, cut mineshafts into the mountains, and made war upon the plains…

Kalkrest became a land of humanity – still following Tanna’s teachings – but Nekar had touched them. In time, that corruption bore dark fruit. Three months ago, the last of the Guardians was destroyed. I don’t know how it happened, but it’s gone, and the Prince gone with it.

Oh, I hear you… I know the Prince still sits the throne in Kaladar – but whatever thing wears his face is not the boy I helped raise. There is talk in the low cities that the prince yet lives, raising a revolt to strike back against the usurper who has claimed his throne. I would go join them save for my age.

This will be my last letter, I fear. My old enemies know where I am and they know my intent to summon help. I pray I am not too late. Help the prince. Save Kalkrest, or its enemies will be its doom.

Danger in Kalkrest is a Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing League spanning the month of October and consisting of four weeks of play. The league is a casual format in which players battle against each other using league rules and scenarios. The league will provide weeks of entertainment for all players as they play games of Attack Wing and track their progress on the league map.

The events of the league depict a dark chapter in the history of the island of Kalkrest; the result of dark plots which are building to a head and which might destroy the nation. Monsters and undead terrorize the lands, banditry has become rampant, people go missing… and dark cults whisper the secrets of Nekar to all who would listen.

During the league campaign, the players’ Legions will travel across Kalkrest to regions vital to the unfolding plot and battle to either protect Kalkrest, work for its destruction, or just carve out a little peace for themselves. Each game played will be a part of determining the final outcome and who rules Kalkrest – or if the land even survives what is to come.

All games are played at The Secret Lair (league venue). Players earn XP by playing games and completing specific challenges, called Milestones. Each player tracks their XP and progress through the campaign on the Record Sheet for each Campaign.

As players complete each week, the results will be tallied toward the reveal of the campaign’s outcome. The campaign map will be posted in The Secret Lair and will be updated after each week of play to represent the gains and losses in the conflict.

(these rules have been adapted from the format used by Privateer Press for League Play to be applicable to a small league using D&D Attack Wing.)


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