Unrest in Ameril – The Week Two Report

Unrest in Ameril: the Week Two Report

After the assault on Theris we were told to rally at Ameril. We rode all night to get here, our captains pushing us to our limits. The nobles were supposed to have a plan… to save us all. But when we arrived, all we found were tumbled stones and destruction.
–Corporal Elena Garrett

Week Two saw the battle shift to an old keep in the South of the land, a rallying point for the nobility in times of strife. The forces of evil moved to lay siege against this ancient bulwark. Secrets were to be revealed… the missing Prince has been located and this gathering held the key to his salvation – or destruction.

Seven games were played by five players, and it seemed the forces of Good were underrepresented as only one player stood for light and hope in these dark times.

When I saw him, the gold dragon, I thought we were saved. He fought with an unrivaled fury but despite laying waste to all our enemies, we could not save the nobles. We barely managed to escape, a few of us, clinging to the backs of the Pegasus. Such a noble creature; covered in the grime of battle like the rest of us. We may have caught a break though. Corporal Elena grabbed Carlo Grandil, a scribe, before the gatehouse fell and helped him off the battlefield. He died in flight, but his scrolls told us what the fight was about. Once we reported in, the dragon flew off… hopefully he can save our Prince and save our island… but I fear he’ll need some help.
–Captain Raeger, Tana’s Raiders

Lord Maximilian was again the star of the show, asserting his claim over the island of Kalkrest and making a bid for power – though this time he was stymied by his rival Hordinox. As their battle rages it seems that in the end, control of the island will fall to one of them – unless the forces of good can find some way to rally and save the Prince. In the end, no one faction was undefeated this week, even the sole Good player winning two out of three of his games – giving a little hope going into the third week of the campaign.

The assault was a complete success. Our spies told us everything we needed to know and led us to find the weaknesses of the keep and its defenders. It was a surprise when the gold dragon appeared, but nothing we couldn’t handle. In the end, our manipulations proceed apace and despite the infighting between the evil factions, it appears that the wraith holds the upper hand. There is still a long game ahead of us though and the Prince is the key. We shall have him soon.

So it comes to this – Week Two behind us and as the year turns cold, so too do the fortunes of Kalkrest.

Can good rally?
Can the Prince be saved?
And who is the imposter Prince rallying the refugees of Theris?

Find out in Week Three in The Adventure of The Hidden Prince!

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