During the league, each player must select a Champion. This is a single figure from their collection who represents the intellect (or might) of their agenda. This champion collects experience and makes their faction more powerful as the league continues.

Choosing a Champion
A player chooses one hero for the League. At any point during the league month, a player can retire their Champion and select a new one. If a player retires a Champion, they lose any XP gained by that Champion. A player must use their Champion in every game for that campaign, except when the Hero is Healing (see below).

Champion Upgrades
Players earn XP for games played, Milestones completed, and other achievements. Each time a player completes a game in which their Champion is used, that player can spend XP to purchase Upgrades for the Champion or his force.

Champions can spend their XP to improve themselves or their Legion as outlined in the D&D Attack Wing Rulebook, (p. 35).

Even the most skilled and powerful Champion can suffer injuries during a battle. At the end of any game in which a player’s Champion model is destroyed or removed from play, the player’s opponent rolls on the Injury Table. Injury effects are cumulative. All effects generated through the Hero Injury Table persist throughout the League until removed by Healing.

A player can have their Champion go for Healing after any game. Healing immediately removes all injuries from the Champion but the Champion cannot be used in the player’s next game. A player should note on their score sheet when a Champion must miss a game for Healing.

Players do not gain XP when their Champion is not part of a game and cannot spend XP on that contest when their Champion is out of the battle.

Champion Score Sheet
At the start of the League, each player must print out a score sheet. After recording their name and Champion, the player uses score sheet to track current XP total, Milestones achieved, Campaign Artifacts gained, and injuries.

The Champion Experience Points table shows the number of XP a player earns for various achievements. As indicated on the Champion Experience Points table, the number of times a player can earn XP for each achievement within a certain amount of time is limited (e.g., the first three Attack Wing games per week). A player can certainly play more but will not earn XP for those additional games.


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