Darkness Descends – The Week One Report


“We saw the sun go out. Our goddess was lost to us. What were we supposed to think? And then the monsters came.”
–Rufus Baker, low-city merchant

Five days without sun. Five days of darkness and terror in the capital. Since the day the First Lord declared our independence from the Empire, our island had not known such terror. We were beset on all sides by forces of evil, springing from the darkness – and opportunistic mercenaries siding with those evils.

“I’d never heard such a clamor. The streets went mad. All I could think was that my children were home alone and the sky was burning…”
–Emily Derrin, midwife

Lord Maximilian, dread spirit whispered of only in legends, rampaged unchecked through the capital, spreading terror and death in his wake. I did not know he commanded the allegiance of such a fell beast as the mighty Balagos, but they rained destruction on the capital after the undead Lord assaulted the Cathedral of the Sun. Owain and his dark forest raiders followed – striking down all opposition, including other evils that would stand in his way. I saw him cut down a frost giant from the back of a great bird.

“We fought. Course we fought. It’s our duty. But how do you fight magic, and the dead, and dragons… not when they all come at once. It was the end of the world. But we fought. I saw the angels. And I saw them fall.”
–Kress Wayburn, captain of the guard

Burning horses and shadowy dragons slipped through the streets, undead knights striking down from their backs and evil wizards slipping through the battles, flinging spells from the fringes while calling down powerful white dragons from the highest peaks of the Daggerspines.

The champions of good rallied to the cause, gold dragons and angels, noble pegasi and elven wizards but though they had some initial successes, it seemed they were hampered as much by infighting as any evil and they were overmatched in the field. Only Nymmestra, High Sorceress of the Kingswood elves had much success, facing down evil in the field with the aid of her mighty air elemental ally.

“I gathered as many of my flock as I could, held vigil and offered sanctuary. Five days of darkness and battle. The light was more blessing than we’d ever known.”
–Daughter Amelia, acolyte of Tanna

As the sun returns, the people of Theris emerge from hiding to a city in ruins, darkness having descended and lifted to reveal the stark reality of their losses. It is said the Prince fled the capital, the he was killed, that he helped the forces of evil, that he’s gone mad with grief. All anyone knows now is that war has come to Kalkrest and we will be lucky to survive.

Overall – more than 10 games, mostly 120 point standard games were played, along with a 2-v-2 team game with nearly 500 total points accounted for. The week one adventure was played often and seemed remotely successful. Several champions suffered injuries requiring them to rest. The week two adventure will be posted tomorrow. Of the eight players currently signed up for the League, 4 represent Good and 4 represent Evil. Evil was mighty in Week One so we’ll have to see if Good can rally in Week Two.

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