Player Rules and Responsibilities

Player Responsibilities
Players in the league must bring all their own models, cards, damage decks, dice, tokens, maneuver guides, and range rulers required for play. Before any game, players should check with the League Organizer on any rules questions they thing might arise from their Legions.

Players must provide a Legion Build Sheet for any legion they play. Players may use the Legion Builder website to build legions and print Legion Build Sheets. Players must share their model stats and any cards, modifications, and experience point additions with their opponents. Players must also share their Champion Record Sheets with opponents if they ask to see it. Transparency will help to ensure fairness and keep everyone happy as the League advances.

Sportsmanship and Rules Disputes
The objective of league play is for everyone to have a great time playing games in a casual setting. Players should remain courteous and patient with their opponents and the Event Organizer (EO). We assume all players are good sports who understand fair play, but if a dispute arises, call on an EO for assistance and resolution.

Proxies and Conversions
One of the fun options in D&D Attack Wing is the ability to replace models. A player is welcome to replace the figure for any character used in their legion as long as the base and cards are all standard, unmodified cards for the D&D Attack Wing Game. For example, if a player wanted to replace their hobgoblin troops with foulspawn figures for a thematic look, this is acceptable as long as they troops play and obey all the rules of the hobgoblin troop. Changing the figure never confers any in-game benefit or penalty.

The only other rule is that conversions should not extend beyond their appropriate base size in any way that makes playing the game or maneuvering figures particularly difficult. The Event Organizer may judge any pieces based on other player complaints and ask that they modify that figure or use the figure originally intended for use on that base.

Players must choose if they intend to represent Good or Evil when they join the league. This choice will affect the outcome of the campaign based on the success or failure of the players for each faction. It will also make a difference in some scenarios in terms of victory conditions.

Players may only use figures of the appropriate alignment when building legions for campaign play. All players may choose figures from the Neutral alignment. For the duration of campaign play, the Corruption upgrade may not be used to convert figures to the evil alignment.

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