Scenarios and the League Map

League Map
The League Map will be posted in the Secret Lair as well as on the League site. It will be updated after each week of play to represent the gains and losses of Good and Evil and each player. The map is divided into named regions. Before each game (of any sort), the players should determine which map region they are fighting over. The player with the lowest current XP total chooses the region. These regions each have effects on the game which may change during each week of the campaign.

In addition to scoring XP after each game, players should inform the Event Organizer when they win a game and which region they were fighting over. At the end of each week, the Organizer will reset the map based on victories and losses to indicate progress of the campaign.


Two types of scenarios are available for play: free play and campaign specific play. Free play is the default mode but each week of the campaign will have a Campaign-specific scenario tied to one region of the map. Campaign-specific scenarios are tailored to the terrain and events of that region and will be released as we get closer to the event.

League Adventure 1

League Adventure 2: Unrest in Ameril

League Adventure 3: The Hidden Lord

League Adventure 4

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