The Hidden Lord – The Week Three Report

I thought, when the dark monster opened my cage, that I’d die of fright. But he wasn’t interested in me. Just moved on, like I was nothing.
— Evin Dremer, vagabond

Dragons clashed, Lord Maximilian worked his evil, and Owain Montis led his mercenary legion into the underworld of Kalkrest to find the Hidden Lord.

Only two games were played for the League this week, but I had to go out of town for a funeral and there were other distractions this weekend. Once again, evil overwhelmed good leading to the final encounters in the war for Kalkrest.

We arrived too late to save the Prince. The gold dragon was there, with his partner, that angel. They were examining some runes on the walls, arguing about who made this prison, and where the battle would be fought next. They told us what happened and then took off again.
— Kalbrin Dors, new Captain of the Royal Guard

In the end, good failed to save the Lord, and though Maximilian got to him first, in the end, it was Owain’s mercenaries that spirited him away. Now, the endgame approaches.

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