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  1. I am trying to reach you but, unless you have a secret life as a football player or porn celebrity, I cannot find a way to reach you other than posting on your blog. (Are you the author, software developer and toy inventor?) I want to share with you a graph I think will help some demystify the games they want to play by plotting their GM, with the result more fun for everyone equally. But how do I do that?

    1. haha… I’ve noticed that google searches do seem convinced that I’m a porn star.

      Please feel free to email me at morrisonmp at gmail dot com. I’ll probably remove this reply in a day or two but until then, I look forward to seeing the graph.


    2. Got it. Thanks. I also sent you a message on Twitter. I had to stalk you to find it! Hopefully you are still on Twitter, and consider posting there when you update here. I will share your blog with the role-players in my Twitter following. I can also give you a few pointers too if you care to follow me?

  2. Hi Michael, I have finally go around to reviewing Legends of Ryllia. I do hope you return to it with mature eyes and vigour and produce a new version for us! Also, I hope you like the review.

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