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C&C and Dragonlance

Just a quick postlet. I have been reading Castles and Crusades lately… It’s cool. I first heard of Castles and Crusades thanks to the Dungeoneering Dad blog. Stop by and say hi to Steve the Yuan Ti party hound…

But last night I was just thinking about C&C and I had this minor epiphany that C&C would actually do a better job of being a system for Dragonlance than D&D did. My initial thoughts went a little like this…

Knights of the Crown and the Rose could be fighters or knights. Knights of the Sword (after the return of the gods) could be allowed to exchange levels of Fighter or Knight on a one-for-one with levels of Paladin (it’s nice that paladins are not spellcasting). It’s easy enough to explain away as divine intervention upon their acceptance as Sword Knights. But they could also remain knights… no worry.

Wizards and Illusionists can easily use the Wizard of High Sorcery rules.

Tanis finally makes sense as a ranger (he’s always a fighter in D&D rules).

I also think Seekers would work as Bards about 3rd-4th level. (I’m a big fan of C&C bards).

In the other direction, Tinkers can be adapted directly from the 1E D&D Dragonlance book.

It’s just a first thought but I think if I find myself going back to Krynn, I’ll be doing it with C&C.